Your workshop was not only amazing on a professional level, but on a personal level it had a profound effect on me. I contacted parts of my self that I haven’t been able to feel for some time. It has been so good to feel like the real me again.

Thank you so so much. Fabulous, rich, thought provoking training – so grateful.

Thanks very much, beautiful training and magnificent session.

Beautiful training, I really learned a lot and will take away the unconditional regard for all parts, acceptance and love which made it all feel so safe.

Beautiful work Mary Clare, I was more on point than I realised and it has been very supportive and reinforcing of parts of my work which are intuitive and which I was less confident with. You have pinned the theory to the work for me which has been valuable. Thank you.

Always so useful to observe and to see the flexibility and ways of working with the interweaves. Thank you.

Mary Clare, your skilful guidance in working with dissociative parts during the EMDR training is truly invaluable. Your expertise and compassionate approach created a safe space for understanding and healing. Thank you for your exceptional training and insights.

Thanks so much Mary Clare, to watch you at work, it was wonderful to see the care you take, it felt very natural.

I am reflecting on the power of love within the therapy. You are clearly using your knowledge and skill but it feels that it is your genuine love and care which is the most healing element…. It is beautiful.

I wanted to thank you very much for such a fantastic course. I found it so helpful in filling in some practical gaps in my practice. Your techniques bring together how I understand parts so elegantly. The case study was so moving to listen to, such a privilege to hear and very gracious of the […]