I feel I gained more clarity into how to integrate the EMDR Attachment Focused model into working with dissociated parts.

I found the delivery excellent – good use of theory, examples, explanations and clinical applications.

I thought Mary Clare presented the material very well and facilitated the weekend well. I found how she conceptualised and framed the concepts extremely useful and feel she modelled a warm and compassionate approach. I feel that the weekend has opened some doors for me in integrating working with parts and body work into my […]

I have gained a thorough understanding of complex trauma and how to work with it.

The workshop all hung together and was delivered seamlessly with varied activities from listening to doing things. Nothing would have improved it for me. Excellent altogether.

I so appreciated the mix of theory, personal examples, stories of working with clients, experiential exercises and live demonstration. It was balanced so nicely and was engaging throughout. I have definitely come away with concrete ideas for how to work with clients differently, and am inspired to continue learning. 

I have gained confidence in my work with clients and further ideas how to incorporate working with parts within EMDR. It was also very helpful and insightful to experience being a client/on the receiving end of this particular way of working. Overall very happy with the workshop and Mary Clare’s thoughtful and insightful approach.

I gained more confidence in working and assessing DID. I have been using some of the techniques in the past 2 weeks with my clients and the results have been very positive. 

Mary Clare was clear and used personal and client examples, and the demonstration was fantastic to observe. 

It was a good combination of theory and practice. I thought the breathing, body work and visualisations were great. I really appreciated knowing exactly how you talk to the parts and seeing this demonstrated. I’ve learned about parts over the years but how you actually work with a client in the room is harder. It’s […]