Mary Clare was clear and used personal and client examples, and the demonstration was fantastic to observe. 

It was a good combination of theory and practice. I thought the breathing, body work and visualisations were great. I really appreciated knowing exactly how you talk to the parts and seeing this demonstrated. I’ve learned about parts over the years but how you actually work with a client in the room is harder. It’s […]

I have to say I’ve been using so much of what you taught us this week with my clients and it’s been really transformative. I’ve been working with lots of young parts left behind and talking to some protectors about how good a job they are doing while updating them on what year it is […]

Really interesting to notice clarity of thought in myself about what might be going on in my clients’ experience… found that in sessions this week I am working particularly effectively. Thank you!!!!!

It feels like simply better psychotherapy, not only trauma work.

Your course is wonderful, you have managed to weave together so many aspects of the trauma-informed approaches, the theory and the practice in a way that is accessible, creative and healing. As well as that, you create a warm loving holding group experience that is healing in itself, modelling a way of being that is […]

The skills I learned from the last year’s workshop – I used them at home, to process my own trauma. It works wonders. Very slowly, gently, I could see myself feeling better.

I found the contents were excellent and pretty ground-breaking. I was really impressed by how you have merged your own experience of trauma and your own healing journey with the existing theory.

Thank you again for another wonderful workshop. It was a great balance of practice and theory and I left with new tools that I am using and another level of understanding about myself.

I really appreciated the mix of practice and taught material.  Mary-Clare’s use of her own experience to illustrate was very helpful.