I felt familiar with much of the content (which was reassuring) but I felt a sense of how things came together. Super interesting day of therapy yesterday – more focused, succinct and (I think) effective sessions. I felt more confident in making suggestions about what might be going on for clients with dissociated parts.

The workshop simplified all the models of dissociation/parts – just makes sense. Very well paced with enough rest and consolidation time, and the right balance of practicums.

You have integrated the Structural Dissociation and IFS approaches with those of Jim Knipe, Anabel Gonzalez and Dolores Mosquera in a unique and special way which you demonstrated in the client session.

Absolutely wonderful. Warm, holding and intelligent.

For me, the weekend has helped pull together a range of different theories/ideas (EMDR, dissociated parts, IFS, body based skills/resources and polyvagal theory) and helped me see how these can be integrated even in the space of one session with a client. I feel I have a much deeper understanding of trauma, especially trauma of […]

An immediate takeaway approach to clients with complex trauma – an ability to spot/diagnose and address dissociation.

Mary Clare is a very skilled and talented teacher. Her style is very engaging.

I loved the diving in and working with parts without worrying about which label to put on them (protector, submissive, etc). That felt quite freeing to get away from the rigidity of theoretical constructs. You are a gifted teacher and I think we all would attend more trainings with you.

Beautiful blend of teaching and practical skills. I progressed on my own healing journey and I have felt the magic of Mary Clare’s teaching whilst with my patients this week. My practice has enhanced, my confidence in parts is growing. I will recommend this workshop to everyone I know.

I loved the parts and body work within the workshop, especially the live demo. Mary Clare you made it appear effortless and the ease between the body and identifying the part/s was just so beautiful to observe. The practicums, the teaching, links between clinical examples and theory, use of mindfulness/bodywork, all of it worked. It […]