These are from supervisees, students and conference participants, as the UKCP does not allow psychotherapists to display testimonials from clients:

SA – Mary Clare’s authenticity and knowledge created an immediate sense of ‘safe space’, which created a perfect basis for learning. Her warmth, experience and total command of this complex subject meant that the foundation was laid for the best possible learning and experiential experience.

NLPtCA – Our special thanks go to our Guest Speaker, Mary Clare de Echevarria, who spoke with authority and compassion about working with the body to resolve and heal trauma. The experiential context of her presentation and the personal insights brought the subject alive.

DK – You are boundaried, prepared, knowledgeable. You are also caring, giving, authentic and totally present.  I felt held and supported throughout the weekend.

SR – Can’t fault Mary Clare. Wonderful presence, ability to hold and impart difficult information.

MG – I adore working with you, Mary Clare. You are very clear and open and strong and professional. Your humour shines and your curiosity is king.

EP – Thank you for your presentation. It really did lift the whole day and give us a demonstration of what excellence looks and feels like.

NL – Mary Clare was a treat – very very knowledgeable, practical with lots to take away and actually use with clients. Beautiful balance of theory and practice.

CG – I always leave our sessions with a great sense of calmness and mental strength.

CC – Mary Clare renewed my confidence in some somatic practices I had stopped using. Grounding in how you support people when they are hyper or hypo aroused. Being clear with clients that you have a methodology that will help and you will hold the process. I had already got a huge amount from the reading list.

PJ – Thank you for the brilliant, inspiring and thought-provoking training this weekend.

SG – Mary Clare has an incredible ability to be emotionally present throughout the day even whilst talking about theory. She has the ability to tune into her students quickly, which makes the whole experience very engaging and enjoyable.

ML – The mix of teaching/experiential was well-balanced and exquisite.

KW – I found you thought provoking, clear, inspiring, expansive, in-depth, knowledgeable, boundaried, warm and humorous… real.  I remember coming away from supervision regularly feeling really motivated, along with clear guidance on how to deepen my ongoing client work. You made a real impact on me.

AK – Mary Clare has a gentle, kind way of teaching and interacting with the people taking the course. I liked the conversational style and not going through each slide one by one. The demo with a ‘client’ was most helpful to see what decisions she made and how she talked to the parts that showed up. This gave me confidence to try it myself with my clients. Most important for me is knowing how to leave the client feeling safe and contained at the end.

WH – Thank you for being who you are and enabling me to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of my life. You showed me great strength and clarity and an inner strength of self-belief which I will take away with me now.

BL – Robust and up to date learning content with academic rigour was much appreciated. Mary Clare did a fantastic job; depth of knowledge and practical exercises were so valuable… Bringing her own experience and authentic self to the training added to the exceptional workshop experience. What a brilliant weekend workshop – thank you!

CO – I think the responsiveness to the room and questions worked especially well. Excellent format varying experiential, imparting of info, answering questions and practical practice.

LC – I’ve gained a sense of confidence that I can bring my increasing awareness of complex trauma into my client work. More than that, I retrieved a sense of self-belief in myself as a therapist and in my therapeutic style which tends to be both holding and warm (the latter having been frowned upon by a previous therapist/supervisor).

BE – Working with Mary Clare has been very helpful to me, and in a really connecting, energising and enjoyable way too! I’ve found Mary Clare to embody a particularly advanced level of collaborative attunement and well-integrated body-mind-heart-wisdom. This combination of qualities has been of immense value to my personal and professional growth. I have benefited greatly from each and every one of my sessions.

PC – I found Mary Clare de Echevarria’s presentation most useful due to the approach used, ie practical as well as mindful and theoretical.

MA – Mary Clare is an excellent teacher – she speaks in a clear and engaging manner and her passion for the subject matter was clear to see. A good balance of theory and practical application. I have already put some learning into practice with clients and feel more confident in my abilities. I am also seriously thinking of undertaking EMDR training next year.

GC – Mary Clare de Echevarria, as well as being a visionary, is also a person of great inspiration. Throughout the presentation, there are a number of practical ideas that I can apply immediately to my practice. The presentation was extremely informative, refreshing, eye-opening, and extremely useful on both a personal and professional level. Thank you very much Mary Clare.