Couples’ Counselling & Therapy

Borrowdale, The Lake District, UK
Borrowdale, The Lake District, UK

In the stress of everyday life and emotional conflicts, you and your partner may have lost sight of one another and the love that you felt in the beginning. Or you may know that you love each other but find day-to-day life or communication difficult or frustrating. Couples’ therapy enables you to break negative habits of relating, to understand your own feelings and the other person’s, and to communicate more effectively with each other, as well as with other family members.

Sometimes there are problems that can’t be resolved or even talked about calmly because there is too much intense emotion, which may be linking back to past painful experiences. I often work with couples using EMDR, seeing partners separately for a while to process negative experiences so that they can come back together and talk without uncontrollable distress.

Partners who have decided to separate may use therapy to enable them to do so with grace, to continue communicating in healthy ways, eg when co-parenting, and to avoid repeating the same patterns in future relationships.

It may address the following areas (and more):

  • Work and personal stress
  • Dissatisfaction, ‘losing the spark’
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Children
  • Extended family, in-laws
  • Infidelity
  • Rediscovering one another and why you are together

Couples of all orientations, and those in non-monogamous relationships, are welcome.