Wonderfully gentle and elegant method of working with parts; the sequences I absorbed and used in our final exercise felt powerful and effective.

The course was taught in a very clear manner and I left feeling I could integrate this knowledge into my practice straightaway. I finally have answers about how to heal, not only myself but also my clients in a much deeper way, that helps them to make sense of themselves and their lives.

Mary Clare is an excellent gentle trainer. I was glad I did this and got a lot of understanding from it, both of myself and my work.

Perfect balance between theory and practice.

The way you presented the content made it feel that I just absorbed it rather than having to think hard about it. You had done such a great job of bringing together, simply and clearly, so many approaches in a way that makes sense and makes them easy to draw on in therapy – thank […]

The handouts were superb and allowed for the theory backbone while we could be more experimental in the room.

I enjoyed how thorough you were in your explanation of complex trauma, how it works and how it can be healed. I liked the mix of theory and experiential work.

I do often find reading about trauma traumatising in itself – so it was interesting to note that my experience was that I’d been on more of a spa weekend than a trauma weekend. I think there’s something here about how reassuring it can be to work with competence, confidence and heart.

I noticed the co-regulation between Mary Clare and us/me which made the whole training very safe and contained.

The experiential exercises felt very thought-through – I felt safe and held. It was good to be able to work with peers – and notice how powerful this is (in just 10 minutes).