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Herring Pond, Cape Cod, USA

Healing Complex Trauma

Working with the Body and Dissociative Parts

An experiential workshop for psychotherapists, counsellors, EMDR therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, facilitated by Mary Clare de Echevarria

This is the first of two integrative workshops on trauma, touching on PTSD and focusing on C-PTSD or complex trauma, otherwise known as attachment or developmental trauma. These workshops offer an overview of trauma and quite detailed content, integrating many different treatment models, including work with the body and ego states or dissociated parts. They are also very experiential; small groups allow for time for live demonstrations, practice and questions. They are for clinicians who don’t have a background in working with complex trauma, and all those who would like an opportunity to gain confidence and learn more about how this exciting new or relatively new material looks and feels in practice.

The content of the weekend includes:

  • The neuroscience of complex trauma, how it develops and how it can be healed (including polyvagal theory updated)
  • Trauma of commission and omission
  • How to recognise C-PTSD and ego states or dissociated parts of the personality
  • The three phases of trauma therapy (which are not linear but cyclic): stabilisation and resource development, metabolising traumatic experiences, integration
  • Relational psychotherapy: being a real, attuned person for your clients
  • How to recognise clients for whom a warm, relational approach is contraindicated and should be modified
  • Working with the body and the imagination to process and resolve unresolved negative experiences

More information on the modalities that inform the weekend can be found here.

Healing Complex Trauma Part 2

For those who have completed Healing Complex Trauma

This follow-on weekend is even more practical than Healing Complex Trauma, focusing on specific tools to use in a trauma-informed therapy; content includes understanding clients more clearly through trauma treatment lenses, assessing their readiness for emotional processing, mapping inner systems, the hierarchy of interventions, creating collaborative, flexible treatment plans and organising the inner work.

It is an opportunity to go deeper into all the content of Healing Complex Trauma in a much smaller group, with live demonstrations and practical exercises, and plenty of time for questions.

Upcoming dates:

Healing Complex Trauma

27 & 28 November 2021 10.30 – 17. 30,12 hours’ CPD

The Kailash Centre, 7 Newcourt Street, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7AA

Cost: £295, or £265 early bird discount if paid in full by 1 September 2021

Coronavirus update – I haven’t taken these courses online as they are much too physical and embodied to translate readily to the online setting. I will cancel the November weekend and immediately refund all payments if new rules prevent us from meeting in person.

The warm atmosphere is one of the things that participants most appreciate about this training, and part of the course material is how to create warm, attuned relationships in which clients feel safe and confident enough to do emotional processing.

The course itself models this way of working, but it is hard to do this when people are masked and afraid to be (relatively) close to each other.

There is good airflow through the Kailash studios, and like many people I am double-vaccinated and being careful about potential infection, so I will teach without a mask and it is not necessary for you to wear one. I will also keep the group smaller than usual, so it will not be crowded, but it will not be possible to stay two metres apart at all times. You are of course free to wear a mask, but it is likely that some or even many course participants will not do so.

Attending the course means acceptance of the risk, however careful we all are. All payments are refundable at any time for any coronavirus-related reasons. 

For more information, or to be on the mailing list for future dates, you are welcome to email

To book a place on the workshop, please email for bank details. A non-refundable deposit of £150 reserves your place. However, all payments are fully refundable at any time for coronavirus-related reasons.

Early booking is recommended as these weekends sell out very quickly.

Participants must have an ongoing source of support and grounding, eg a regular yoga practice, therapy, peer support or other forms of self-care.

Healing Complex Trauma Part 2

Dates to be confirmed, once the venue no longer has a policy of mandatory mask-wearing indoors – Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 – 17. 30 (12 hours’ CPD)

Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB

Cost: £350, or £295 early bird discount

Please email to register your interest in Healing Complex Trauma Part 2

Coronavirus update – please see coronavirus update for the Healing Complex Trauma, above. There is good airflow through the big windows on each side of the Violet Hill studio, and the many windows in the refreshments area.

All payments are refundable at any time for any coronavirus-related reasons. 

Working with the Body and Dissociative Parts

23 & 24 May 2020 – rescheduled due to the pandemic, dates to be confirmed

Timisoara, Romania, details to follow

A few photos from past events below –

Guest speaker on working with the body at the NLPTCA conference 2019, Manchester, UK –